Live Your Truth

I’m Elaine Cecilia


I was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1990.

I grew up with my older sister and my parents who separated when I was 7. 

My mom had bigger dreams so she moved us to Miami in hopes of a better future. 

Perhaps like you, I’ve always seen and desired success. When I dropped out of college, I had to find something to do other than keeping up with all the partying.

So at 19 years old, I decided to go to school for professional make-up. I ended up getting hired to work as a make up teacher. It turned out to be not such a bad decision for me. I adapted some great techniques and skills, alI while living the awesome Miami Life. 

When I turned 24 I got pregnant. I made the decision to move far away to dedicate all my time to my baby. A year passed and I got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. According to doctors it’s a disease in which the immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves. In MS, resulting nerve damage disrupts communication between the brain and the body.

The new responsibilities and what I was told by society as to how I had to live my life in order to be a successful person affected me dramatically. I believed I needed others to resolve my life because I didn’t have a job and had a health condition. I lost my right eye vision and had to get steroid treatment to gain it back. I continued to seek help so I began to practice yoga which by the way is amazing! It helped me tremendously but as soon as I stepped out of yoga class I was faced with reality that I was limited as to what I could and should do.

Until we experience deep pain, we usually don’t take action. Don’t wait for something tragic to motivate you to go after your ideal life

Stop Living just to work

I tried many stay at home jobs but having a baby 24/7 and trying to focus on another job drove me to have anxiety and I could honestly say depression. Knowing I was willing to give my all just to feel happy about how I was living my life.. again.. I asked for help from my doctor. Of course, all she could do was suggest taking medication. At that point, I was done listening to others and decided I wanted to give my 3 year old daughter a sibling but not just any sibling; I specifically wanted another girl! I was told to consider if having a baby was right in my condition. I pictured her so perfect that she came true! After she was born I realized that if I really envisioned something I want I could make it happen. 

I took a moment to really think about my life… and for the first time, I was awake to the possibility I was not all that happy. I looked at where I would likely be in 5 years and I decided it wasn’t the path for me anymore; hustle and no time. Having a lot of anxiety.

I also lost a lot of confidence. 

Anyway, I kept telling myself that I was living the life many of my friends would love. After all being able to stay home and having free time sounds great to anyone. I really didn’t have much time for myself anymore.

Then here comes the part where things began to change and result for the better. After experiencing a day to day challenge and seeing how much time work can take out of you I was determined that I was not going to go back to a job where I had to be stuck with no time. 

It was time to stop envisioning my perfect life and start creating it!

I wanted to feel better about myself so I took interest in the law of attraction but I didn’t seem to be attracting anything! I came across Landria and decided to invest in myself and took a course that stated we can manifest anything without law of attraction!

I also realized I did not have a passion for devoting my time and effort into anything I was not interested in. I have a deep passion for writing but I am aware it’s not an easy career to make any real money. Even though I knew I could always return to doing make-up as a career; with all my diplomas I had achieved.. I decided it was time for me to start calling the shots. Trading time for money will only take you so far.

I started to search online for work from home that I could meet their criteria.

This involved: Being allowed to be able to work from where ever, no need for big capital outlay or employees to start, no limits on how much income I could make, not having to sell anything, and something I only had to devote part-time to.

I wanted freedom and unlimited income, but I had no idea how to have both

My Banner

Now most people would say I’m dreaming and that those types of business don’t exist in the real world. That’s exactly why those people don’t find these sorts of opportunities. If you are closed-minded and are not clear on what you want; it’s no surprise that you can’t discover anything that’s better than what you are searching for.

I can agree that almost everyone still has a mindset that was developed for the industrial age. To be more clear with you the pre-Internet world; the 9 – 5 era.

It’s obvious to say it’s exactly why these people still rely on their same jobs; living pay check to pay check.

A term I read once that caught my attention is a “freedom entrepreneur.” To find out what I am talking about just spend 10 minutes on youtube and you will come across thousands of people who have adapted their mindset for the digital world and are now flourishing with rewards.  

I decided to first most importantly open my mind to the fact that real people are living the life they want with time they desire. Knowledge is something no one can take away and learning all the tools to live a valuable digital life was defiantly something I was not going to pass on.

I now have the education and ALL of the tools & skills I need for anything I want to pursue and that includes promoting great products and services that can help others to generate passive income.

The best part is that the Internet doesn’t discriminate – no matter what your education level, age, tech knowledge, background, it doesn’t matter. It welcomes everyone with something valuable to offer! 

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset? . . . you like to control your destiny and want no limits on how you live your life.  There is a way to achieve your goals without buying a business, investing in stocks & bonds, buying real estate — you can afford it, and it’s available to anyone!  

I finally made the change and I am so happy! I now have a full successful free schedule life! Being able to share quality time with my family while making a successful living is what I always aspired! 

When I found this opportunity, I didn’t ignore it and I am so proud that I went with my gut instinct. If you choose to do the same, it could be the stepping stone to a life you dreamed of.

BUT IT TAKES A DECISION . . . one that you must see through to achieve your goals.  That’s what every successful, wealthy entrepreneur does.  It’s not an easy road, but it certainly can be a massive rewarding one! And if you choose to join our entrepreneurial community, I will personally be here to assist you in any way that I can.

I wish you great abundance, health, love and success!

I use this invaluable training for all of my business, I believe in it and what it’s delivered 100%.   If you think that you are ready to open the door to powerful tools and a new way of life, I invite you to accept the FREE Video Series that explains how you too can have a digital lifestyle.  And if you have any questions, I encourage you to Contact Me.  If you join, I will be here to support you in your new life transformation journey.


My mission in life is to open doors for others to create their own unique path. To inspire others to take charge of their desired life. To give back faith to the ones that still feel trapped inside. To show you not to live in fear of the unknown.


I imagine a world of peace, health, acknowledgment, and respect, where we are free to choose and securely create the life we truly want.


AWAKE, I teach people that our thoughts are what keeps us living in fear. Let that go and anything is possible. Health, love, and wealth is ALL a CHOICE we all have access to.